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At Scotch & Rye we take our food as seriously as we take our cocktails & beer!

Our menu is the result of extensive research in Chicago, Illinois, Aimes, Iowa & New York, New York. Our owners spent time in local farmers own houses learning what goes into, and how to cook, the perfect slow pork ribs. They sampled local brews in the deepest Wisconsin with some of the greatest burger chefs around, and visited every hostelry, cafe, bar & restaurant they could find – all in the name of bringing the perfect American comfort food to your door in Inverness.

The result? A menu filled with naughty delights. BBQ ribs, smokehouse meats, slow roasted pork, and much more. Our burgers are made to our own recipe, by 2 different suppliers so that no one person knows what goes into them, 100% prime beef cuts and seasoning – No Filler!

Our Sriracha sauce (asian in origin) was discovered by Scott in a small cafe in Milwaukee, while ordering a breakfast to stave off a hangover. It tasted so good, he brought some back and we put it on pretty much everything!

If you’re posh about food, stay clear! We serve honest, good, fresh food with a minimum of fuss, including plating it on whatever we happen to have to hand. Cutlery is for wimps! We will however, give you a cloth to wipe your fingers & face.

Get stuck in!

* We will happily give you cutlery, but can’t promise that we’ll still respect you when you’re done!


Monday to Wednesday

11am - Midnight

Thursday - Saturday

11am - 1am


Noon - Midnight

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