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Scotch & Rye brand new drinks list has arrived!

Posted by Grant Murray

Yes after 2 years of roaring success with our quirky brand of twisted classics and smoked concoctions, we have delved deep into the brains of our cocktail monkeys and produced our next wave of cocktails!

Take a walk through Mr Thomsons’ bottling plant, come speakeasy, and meet the workers!

Across 7 packed pages, each one is a select list of cocktail creations designed to pay homage to the employees of this 1920’s factory!

From john the foreman who loves his drinks boozy, to Suzie the tea maid, who has a right sweet tooth, there are smoked drinks, blue drinks, popcorn drinks, classic cocktails with our own unique twist, and some world class award winning drinks to boot!

There’s something for everyone in this menu, and we have been asked to submit this drinks list to the IMBIBE drinks list of year awards!

Check it out!

Scotch & Rye Drinks list



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